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Print Volumes Are Shrinking - Are Managed Print Services Still Relevant?

Posted on June 11, 2020 by Rob Farrell

Woman-in-office-using-an-HP-PageWide-Managed-P77750z-2Yes, office print volumes are shrinking; however, the value of Managed Print Services (MPS) is alive and well. With the right plan, hard cost and IT time savings are always delivered.

Most organizations have had to transition to virtual home office teams to support the workplace restrictions protecting the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. A nimble independent MPS partner can help you support print and scan home office user requirements while saving money for your business by leveraging your overall MPS spend and pricing programs with hardware manufacturers and by recommending the right equipment.

"62% believe that due to Covid-19 their approach to printing and printers need to change" (HP: Covid-19 Commercial WFH Print Pulse Synopsis: May 2020)

I am ecstatic to see that our team is active with new clients helping them to transition to a right-sized fleet of equipment in their offices, that incorporate plans for supporting home office workers while providing a lot of savings. Typically 30%-50% saving over their previous spend, and we can upgrade equipment where it is required with no capital outlay. Although people are printing less over time, there is significant value in consolidating vendors to an independent expert in MPS.

5 Misconceptions of Managed Print Services

  • Some organizations  think they don’t print very much, they need fewer print devices and MPS is not necessary
  • The  MPS service must be more expensive than self-supporting
  • They  will be forced to prematurely upgrade hardware that is working fine
  • They are already getting MPS from a copier dealer or a device manufacturer
  • An MPS company will not help them print less

I have news for you, 99.9% of the time we can reduce costs, give time back to the IT department so they can focus on important projects or support, keep your quality equipment longer and help you print less through implementing solutions to support digital transformation for the future. For all companies, hard cost savings is key right now and with SmartPrint’s ability to provide rapid, virtual, expert fleet recommendations we can make your organization more efficient and support all user requirements, even with complete equipment upgrades and still save money for you in the first month of the program. 

hp logoWe have had great success implementing a balance of best in breed HP large copier and smaller printer MFP units to reduce the total cost of ownership and decrease security risk.

With dramatic change happening in the office and home office environments it is a great time to reach out for a rapid assessment to see if we can help.  Also, be sure to ask us about touchless printing solutions for your office to protect your employees.

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