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The Time Is Now for Workflow Automation in Your Office

office workflow automationBusinesses that want to grow or maintain their market share need to automate and optimize workflow to make their employees more efficient, and ideally improve their customer experience. McKinsey & Company completed a survey called "The Imperatives for Automation Success". The survey shows that 66% of respondents are taking action, and the % has increased by approximately 15% “...Two-thirds of respondents say their organizations are at least piloting the automation of business processes in one or more business units…”  The future is now, it is time to make workflow automation a priority in your business.

Artificial Intelligence will be one of the six technologies that dominate 2022 and it is coming to your office. Many companies are ahead of the game using AI to drive competitive advantage by increasing productivity with simple projects, like automating data entry in finance with accounts payable and expense management, or automating the inbound flow of incoming documents using AI to classify documents and automating decisions with simple workflow from all incoming channels (web, email, snail mail, fax etc.). Getting started with one successful project will open the eyes of the organization to look for the next productivity win. It can become addictive for management teams.

4 key things to think about when getting started with workflow automation in your office.

  1. The right on-ramp
    • This is where your integrated MPS (managed print services) partner with experience and deep capabilities in Intelligent Workflow AI tools for the office, will add significant value. This isn’t just about software, you need the right future print/scan/fax hardware that will integrate and even kick off workflow.
  1. The right security
    • Most workflow automation projects in the office deal with confidential data, like invoices, client information, intellectual property etc. It’s crucial to lock down the end points involved from a digital and physical standpoint.
    • Intelligent Workflow software will connect to multiple systems including the web and your Financial or ERP software.
  1. The right AI workflow tools
    • This is truly becoming a crowded space. There are dozens of software companies with similar competing technology.
    • Which of the many are best in breed with ease of use for your users?
    • What software company is ahead of the pack with pre-built connectors to integrate with your systems?
    • How will you know which software will drive rapid and measurable productivity gains?
    • Do you want a point solution or a solution that can automate workflow in multiple departments?

    • Not to oversimplify, but this is where your independent experts can help you answer these questions and provide all of the components of the solution, along with connecting all of the dots to make it all work through a successful implementation.
  1. The right process for your people
    • A current state analysis of your business operating models in the top 3 priority workflows with today in mind, and the future with hybrid workforces. Let’s face it, we need to change the way we work and often where we work.
    • Employee retention through job satisfaction has never been more important; it is time to automate those mundane repeated processes and get the best of your employees through engagement in thoughtful work.

No one will disagree that the future of work in the office will be different moving forward and that the pandemic has increased the need for change dramatically. Intelligent Workflow solutions will simplify mundane tasks, reduce errors, improve productivity and employee engagement and improve your customer’s experience.

Reach out to find out how the integration of our MPS and Intelligent Workflow expertise can help you catch up, or get ahead of your competitors.

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HP-logo-May-27-2021-01-24-24-03-PMWithout central control of your print fleet, security settings are extremely difficult to manage, and entry points for cybercrime are more easily overlooked. It becomes even more complex supporting work from home employees, and integrating equipment to workflow automation systems.  Your IT team could focused on configuration settings and authentication rather than working on other valuable IT projects or support. Encryption and authentication can be accomplished universally with an integrated automated security management tool. We’ve had great success with HP JetAdvantage Security Manager, ask one of our experts to share best practices in this area. 


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