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Why Multi-Vendor Doesn’t Work #3: Security

SmartPrint-BlogJan16_Image1In light of the largest data breach in Canadian history, you’re probably wondering, could it happen to us? How did a company expose the names, addresses, emails, logins, passwords, date of births, health card numbers, gender, phone numbers, password security questions, and lab test results of 15 million people?

A small crack led to a big break. 

That’s all it takes for your company to be faced with over a $1 billion lawsuit. Find the cracks in your organization and seal them now. We can almost guarantee there is one. It’s your office printers and MFPs, especially if you have multiple vendors providing equipment and security software.

Here’s why.

Print security begins at the device level, and you’re only as strong as your weakest link. 

Depending on the manufacturer, different security features will be built-in to the printer. HP’s enterprise devices, for example, automatically trigger a reboot in the event of suspicious activity in the BIOS, firmware, printer settings, or ongoing activity. Other OEMs have their own version of built-in software, but not all are equally robust. Best practice is to have one manufacturer and one vendor so that weaker devices don’t cause cracks and risk management is unified.   


Security patches are inefficient and costly with multiple vendors.

When an issue arises, vendors can only access and patch the devices they manage. If you call them for help with a device they do not manage, it’s unlikely they have access or certifications to properly reset the device to the optimal configuration for security. This could easily be another crack. If the source of the issue is unknown, you will undoubtedly experience finger-pointing and require additional service calls from all of your vendors. This creates inefficiency and more invoices than necessary.  

With one independent MPS expert as your partner, you get strong, unified devices and software and an accountable partner… at a lower cost! Security patches and installs are quick and easy because they can be rolled out remotely from a single management tool. Implementing fleet-wide policies doesn’t have to mean contacting dozens of providers across office locations for a weaker result.

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