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Preparing Your Organization to Get Back to the Office?

Consolidating office equipment and vendors while positively impacting sustainability and monthly MPS expenses. Does this sound too good to be true?

Here are 4 top points of impact when implementing a new normal plan for your print/copy/scan/workflow functions.

1. Happy users are productive users.

    • Make it easy - update and standardize your office printing equipment with the latest functionality
    • Make it safe - install secure access printing software to enable touchless print release while increasing user efficiency
    • Work with MPS experts – they will help you select the best equipment for your business and balance the equipment locations for your departments

2. Sustainability / reduce your carbon footprint - independent MPS experts can bring an unbiased approach to help you select the right equipment that will help with the following:

    • Decrease power consumption
    • Decrease environmental landfill waste
    • Ensure the supply chain of equipment, parts and supplies supports sustainability 
    • Measure the carbon footprint reduction - if your business is trying to achieve carbon neutrality and sustainability, we can help with current vs. future state reporting to support your organization's reduction goals through the consolidation and upgrade of your office equipment

3. Security – hackers have been busy and more successful during the pandemic and print devices are often a target in the office.

    • Reduce the risk by selecting office printing equipment that has advanced security capabilities that will stop hackers in their tracks
    • Secure the print device end points with software that can automate security configuration and report on areas of risk
    • Physically secure the equipment by installing secure access software to lock all functions of the print devices, requiring fast simple user authentication to unlock; this provides a full audit trail for print/copy/fax/scan with no more printed pages left unattended

4. Save more than 50%! – as independent MPS experts we can tell you that ALL completed projects to help our clients get back to the office with a better print environment are saving more than 50% of their previous monthly expenses, even if they had previously consolidated the print environment.

    • It is a new normal, take advantage of this moment in time to make meaningful change that will improve the user experience, sustainability, and security while saving money
    • There are more savings with powerful workflow software. WFH (work from home) has changed the way your employees work. Many of the new digital tools they use are more efficient than what they have always done in the office; help them NOT go back to how they worked before with business process automation.

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printer technicians recommend hp oem toner cartridgesSometimes what looks like savings can turn into a hassle. If you are running aftermarket supplies in your print devices, reach out to see how we can help to convert you to OEM. We typically find that we can help our clients make the change to OEM without impacting the total cost of ownership and the monthly operational cost to run the print environment. If you are currently running OEM supplies and are thinking about trying aftermarket supplies to try and save some money, there may be a better way to save! Reach out to talk to one of our MPS experts.

HP OEM supplies provide the confidence you can rely on for everyday printing. HP is committed to the environment by using recycled materials in new cartridges and offering a free recycling program from one of the 100 most sustainable companies in the world. Supplies also meet eco-label emission criteria to help maintain the air quality. Trust is also provided from the packaging to the chips to use supplies that protect your printer and your data. Lastly, peace of mind is provided in knowing that you are using HP OEM supplies.


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