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Intelligent Workflow for HR - Win the War on Talent With Digital Transformation for Your HR (Human Resources) Department

Intelligent-Workflow-for-HRHR teams spend hours each day searching for documents, creating employee content, and working with the company’s departments to support and manage all of the HR functions. Staying on top of the process of onboarding new employees is extremely challenging. There are many important steps that require organization and processing of documents as well as multiple approvals and signatures. The continuous follow-up and chasing that is required to stay on top of new employee onboarding can be highly stressful. Many HR professionals share that they just cannot keep up with the workload.

Some of the biggest challenges we hear about are:

  • Challenges with effectively onboarding new employees
  • Organization issues and effective collaboration with so many things on the go
  • Communication chaos - chasing people to keep HR processes moving
  • Recruitment processes that are badly managed by hiring managers
  • Finding suitable candidates
  • Constantly searching for documents
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Confidentiality of sensitive employee documents

Why should an organization invest in digitally transforming their  HR department? 

Companies that focus and invest in digital transformation to improve the wide-ranging HR processes will create a competitive advantage and win the war on talent in their sector. Intelligent workflow solutions that can move all things HR to digitally automated processes will completely simplify the internal and external interactions delivering a seamless, quick, and positive experience for the top talent you attract. 

Here are some of the HR functions and processes you can expect to improve and automate with intelligent workflow solutions:

  • New employee onboarding process – manage the process with a system with standardized documentation
  • Hiring process - HR and hiring teams can route, interview and approve new hires within one integrated system
  • Employee termination process – making sure all components of the process are handled correctly and security measures are taken to disable employee access with precise timelines
  • Compliance employee record management – ensure security measures are in place to protect information. Benefits, pension, employee data, work forms, company information, etc.
  • No more chasing – an intelligent workflow system for HR can integrate to your existing HR system and enable the HR Professional to manage the HR processes with visibility to where the workflow has bottlenecks, pinpointing the barriers to efficiency

Even if you have taken steps towards digital transformation and setup an HR module from your company’s financial software package, intelligent workflow solutions can complement and integrate with no code or scripting. Digitally transforming your HR department will enable your team to use their skills, knowledge, and training effectively rather than spending time on the mundane repetitive tasks of chasing people and searching for documents.  Another significant benefit is enabling the HR executive to have real-time visibility and reporting to understand where the challenges and bottlenecks are in all of the processes, which will support continuous improvement efforts.

hp logoHP Capture and Route is a great example of a digital management tool that can automate the ingestion of content from multiple inputs and flow the content right into automated workflows built in an intelligent workflow software solution. We have had a lot of success with this tool as the front end of a fully integrated business workflow system. With our intelligent workflow solutions, we have multiple options of best in breed platforms and we ensure that all of the applications are agnostic so if there are changes in your environment your workflows are intact for the future.

The best strategy for organizations that want to move to digital transformation in HR, is to select an independent expert partner to work with and start with a high priority HR process that will have a big impact on the team’s efficiency. With a successful first project, you can continue to tackle the automation of more HR processes to build a world-class, efficient department that can win the war on talent. 

This is much easier and less expensive than it may sound! There are no capital dollars to invest with cloud workflow software and ROI is significant with a payback period in a few months. It is time to ready your business for the future. If you are interested in staying with your competition, or potentially getting ahead and creating competitive advantage, reach out for a brief conversation and perhaps a demo to see if we can help.

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