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HP Printer Vulnerability Announced November 30, 2021

As you may know, your office print devices are as vulnerable to cyber security threats as a desktop or laptop computer. All it takes is one opening for a hacker to exploit you and gain control of a compromised MFP. The hacker can quietly steal information, or they can penetrate deeper into your network.

On November 30th we were notified of security vulnerabilities within firmware associated with a number of HP Enterprise LaserJet and PageWide printers and MFPs. HP was able to immediately patch the potential vulnerability with a firmware update. SmartPrint advises that you take immediate action to protect your organization against any potential threats. 

Here are links to the two security bulletins released:  



The bulletins include a list of devices that are affected by each vulnerability, as well as a summary of what firmware version to use.

When SmartPrint is involved in hardware deployment with our clients we take steps to mitigate security risk by:

- Enabling EWS Password

- Disabling all protocols not in use

- Disabling USB port (printing)

- Recommending printers are deployed within VLANs

HP offers a free fleet management software that can help to streamline firmware updates with a one-to-many approach. It is called HP Web Jetadmin Software.

To download Web Jetadmin click here:

Many organizations’ standard security protocols include ensuring that print device firmware is kept at the most recent revision. SmartPrint can help if you need assistance, we offer 2 levels of firmware management services. 

  1. Firmware Advisory Service
    • We can rapidly provide a list of your devices that are out of date and the recommended firmware level, by completing a network scan of your print equipment
    • We can also recommend software to help you manage firmware on your own 
  2. Full Firmware Management Service
    • We can manage and maintain your fleet to the latest, tested firmware levels
    • Updates are scheduled and can be managed remotely
    • For highly secure environments on-site resources are also available


Firmware management services can be incorporated into a SmartPrint MPS program or can be completed as a separate service or one-time project. If this is something you would like to learn more about please contact us for a brief discussion.


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