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Protect Your Intellectual Property, Data Loss Prevention and Detection

How important is your company’sprotect your ip data (customer information, intellectual property, employee information, etc.)? If you could easily secure that information with a cost-effective solution, would you?

We are often talking about the cybercrime and theft of company information through the world wide web. There is another side to protecting your data internally. Most employees will do the right thing, but some of the biggest challenges are from internal information leaks or theft. One of our financial clients recently successfully stopped an employee who had resigned and then tried to steal intellectual property and a customer list. They were able to catch this and take action with the help of a software solution that we architected and implemented for them. We also manage and support the software solution for them to ensure it is always running and ready for the next issue.

The fact is that paper can’t report unauthorized access if an employee or visitor has access to sensitive information and they print, copy or take a picture of it they can typically take that information out of the office and it’s gone. Some solutions track what document are being printed by the name of the document; this easily can be changed.  Securing your print devices with Secure Access software ensures nothing is printed without the owner of the document being at the device to retrieve it.  But how do you know if sensitive information was printed, scanned or copied?

Data loss detection (DLD) – identifying the transfer of sensitive data

Data loss prevention (DLP) - ensuring sensitive or critical information does not get shared

Here’s how a simple Data Loss Prevention and Detection system can work.

With SmartPrint recommended solutions, at the print stream level: 

Monitor and secure paper documents to prevent the loss of valuable or confidential information. Dynamically discover, monitor and protect documents and print jobs in motion or at rest, throughout the printing process to mitigate data loss of sensitive information.

Simplified Paper Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Discover - analyze meta data of documents and print jobs to discover sensitive information, using dictionary and pattern matching content analysis

Monitor - transparent monitoring avoids user interaction, enforcing compliance and enabling auditing and            reporting

Prevent - stop printing of restricted documents to stop breaches before they happen, with the ability to notify or archive content where required.

This covers the printed document but how do you ensure confidential information is not copied or scanned?

HP-logoWe recently deployed and integrated a system, using HP Enterprise Multi-function print devices because of their open architecture and self healing security capabilities, securing access of the users by having them tap their security badge to use any of the capabilities of the multi-function devices, even to make a simple copy. If a user needs to make a copy, they tap their badge, which authenticates them against active directory. The system does a real time scan of the document and looks for key words or document numbers that are logged in the DLD system.  If the system detects an issue IT Security is automatically notified and can act.

If locking down your intellectual property is important, reach out to get in touch with an MPS Consultant who can help you learn more.

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